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Friendly School Programme

Friendly School Programme

According to the UNICEF, in a normal day over a billion children all over the world go to school. Either in buildings, in tents, or even under trees, they are learning, developing, and enriching their lives.

However, for many children school is not a positive experience. Some endure difficult conditions such as extreme hot or cold in the classroom or absence of basic sanitation. In other cases there is a lack of qualified teachers and appropriate curricula. Furthermore, they can suffer discrimination, harassment and even violence. These conditions are not naturally conductive to learning and development, and no child should be exposed to such factors.

The Friendly School Programme of The Big Hand® seeks to create in primary schools the necessary conditions for the child to study in a safe and welcoming environment. It is our goal to ensure children from 5 to 12 years old access to essential goods such as clean water, sanitation, health care and nutrition, classrooms that are bright and with good airflow, as well as foster a pedagogical plan that is eclectic and inclusive.

In the Friendly School model, based on good practices from UNICEF, schools must work in accordance with the best interests of the child. Within these schools children's rights must be protected and their voices should be heard. A learning culture must be a paradise for children to learn and grow. The model promotes inclusion, gender equality, tolerance, dignity and personal autonomy.

Achieving these results can only be possible by working in close partnership with the school community (director, teachers, staff, parents and children) as well as with the civilian community.