The Big Hand

About The Big Hand

About The Big Hand

The Big Hand – Children First

The Big Hand is a non-governmental development organisation (NGDO) with the mission to promote the welfare of children who live under unfavourable circumstances, guaranteeing their access to education, healthcare and nutrition, as well as water and basic sanitation.

Through a model focused on the child, the Big Hand builds schools, invests in equipment, trains teachers and develops inclusive programmes in close relation with the community where the child lives, with the goal of preparing children for life challenges.

The Big Hand is an institution which adopts transparent procedures, made by citizens and to citizens. Moreover, it is open to any person or organisation that is willing to help us change the world.

Our Vision
The Big Hand believes that children educated in a healthy environment will change the world. We believe in a world where all children are treated with dignity; in a world that protects its children, ensuring them access to security, nutrition, water, sanitation, health, shelter, information, and quality education which will allow them to fulfil all their potential and ultimately enable them to contribute to their community and to the world.

Our Mission
The Big Hand is an organisation of citizens which aims to contribute to the development of targeted communities, through its child-centred teaching model. We work in partnership with local communities and organisations, and we build ‘Friendly Schools' (Escolas Amigas, in Portuguese) based on UNICEF's best practices.

The work of The Big Hand is guided by the following values:
- To promote, respect and act according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in particular;
- To promote gender equality and the empowerment of people with special focus on children;
- To promote the right of association and community work through partnerships and teamwork;
- To evaluate and question procedures, actions, and projects while focusing on new ideas and activities that are entrepreneurial, creative, innovative, and sustainable;
- To be loyal, ethical, honest, transparent, and truthful;
- To respect local social environments with their cultural and political distinctive features;
- To respect others, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, social status, nationality, origin, civil status, sexual orientation, or physical condition;
- To promote the dignity of the people, especially children, through co-participation and involvement in ongoing projects, while counteracting tendencies of charity or welfarism;
- To assume responsibility to our donors in a framework of financial transparency and sustainable management based on the evaluation of performance and results.