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Write to the child

Write to the child

Enrich and strengthen your relationship with the sponsored child

Writing is a unique experience and is also an excellent opportunity to build a bond of friendship, mutual learning on different cultures, and it's also a good way to understand the long term benefits that the Sponsorship programme brings to these children and their families.

The importance of a letter
Children are always amazed to receive news from their sponsors and especially because of knowing that someone so far is also thinking about them. When children receive a letter, they have the opportunity to respond and talk about their daily activities, and write about their family and plans for the future to their sponsor.

Writing and receiving letters may be something uncommon in the child's community; a gesture as simple as receiving a letter from a foreign country is quite fascinating for these children.

Questions relating to letters. Write about what?
Where to send? How often should I write?

Here you can find answers to some of your questions:

- Correspondence
- What to write
- What to avoid