The Big Hand



Our work would not be possible without our partners, from our sponsors and community associates to individual donors and companies like yours. The Big Hand® will forever be grateful for your contribution by giving children, families and whole communities the necessary tools to end the cycle of poverty and to build sustainable solutions for a better world.

Right now we already have the support of large successful companies such as Pioneer and GRENKE.

See why they have decided to join our cause and the impact of their support in the communities where we work.

"At GRENKE we believe that a good business is not just one that generates high profits, but whose transactions contribute to the evolution of human condition. We believe that social responsibility around important moral values unites and strengthens our team.

We get up every day to come to work and many times we wonder if it's truly worth it. The image of happiness mirrored on the children's faces who will benefit from the computer room built in conjunction with BIG, under the project Friendly School, makes us feel that our work isn't important only to buy what we need, but also because it allows us to help the most disadvantaged and vulnerable - in a way, we can say that this kind of action gives meaning to our work and allows us to face the future with greater hope."

GRENKE S.A. - #1 in Computer Renting