The Big Hand


1. What is the mission of Big Hand?2. Is the Big Hand legally registered?3. Where does it work?4. Why Mozambique?5. What is the origin of the Big Hand?6. Who benefits from the work of the Big Hand?7. How does the Big Hand choose the communities where it works?8. How does one involve the local community?9. How does the Big Hand ensure that it makes a difference?10. What is child sponsorship?11. Why sponsor a child?12. How long does the sponsorship last?13. What are the advantages of being a child sponsor?14. How much does a child sponsor contribute every month to the scholarship of the child?15. If I am no longer able to sponsor, can I cancel my monthly payments?16. How do you manage my donation?17. Why my sponsored money does not go directly to the child’s family?18. As a sponsor, can I donate more than my ordinary monthly contribution?19. Can I donate without sponsoring a child?20. How long do children remain enrolled in the Big Hand?21. How do you invest donations given to the Big Hand?22. The Big Hand shows where the money goes?23. What portion of my money goes to development projects?24. Does my donation have tax benefits?